Electrical Safety Quiz

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  4. True or False: The "force" carried by electricity is measured in "volts"?
  5. True or False: It is "amps"(the intensity of current) which deliver electric shocks, not volts?
  6. How many "amps" can most household and industrial lines safely carry?
  7. True or False: 0.06 amps (the amount of electricity needed to light a Christmas tree bulb) can be fatal?
  8. True or False: If you are using a "three-prong" outlet, you can be sure that it is "grounded"?
  9. True or False: If one of the fuses in a fuse box is continually burning out, you should replace it with a higher rated fuse?
  10. True or False: If electrical equipment is running when a leak of a flammable gas or vapor develops in your work area, you should immediately turn the equipment off?

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