As a homeowner, you’re well aware of the importance of home security in today’s violent and dangerous world. Your security and that of your family depend upon your ensuring the safety of your residence. The best return of all, of course, is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your monitored system will help prevent crime, deter theft and enhance your safety.


What Can We Do For You and Your Family?


Let EZ Electric provide you with an interactive wireless security system (Simon XT) that will allow:

  • A user friendly color LCD touch screen
  • System to sound a loud siren when someone enters your home
  • System to indicate open doors and windows
  • Battery backup to keep the system operational during a power outage
  • Assigned user codes to each individual
  • User to arm/disarm system from smart phone and/or computer
  • User to verify system status (armed/disarmed) from smart phone and/or computer
  • User to receive real time activity alerts (arm, disarm, power failure, trouble conditions) sent via text, email or both
  • User to view history of all activity
  • 24/7 central station monitoring and police dispatch
  • 2-way emergency voice; communicate directly with first responders through the security panel in the event of an emergency


Your home in your hands………



With the help of your smart phone, you can be a smart home owner. Today’s tools allows you to have:




  • Interactive Security – Make sure your home is protected when you’re away with dedicated wireless security and remote arming on command
  • Lock Control – Lock the deadbolt or unlock the door with the touch of a button
  • Video Monitoring – Watch the live video feed from your home or see recorded clips of any motion or activity that happens while you’re away
  • Status Updates – Get text updates and alerts from your home while you’re on the road so you know what’s going on back at home






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