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In 1987, Scott Zachman gathered a team of professional electrical designers, technicians, and support personnel to form EZ Electric. The vision was to be California’s electrical expert and to meet all the new and complex wiring needs of residential builders in a technological boom. EZ Electric has wired many of California’s new residential developments and has retrofitted many older homes to meet the increasing demands of technology. We provide custom structured wiring systems that include phone, fax, DSL lines, cable lines and satellite wiring to meet the specific demands of each room in a residence. Our mission is to provide the best professional wiring service to residential builders at the most affordable rates.

Today, EZ Electric’s core management team boasts over a 100 years of combined experience and we employ 75 of the state’s top electricians, designers and service personnel. EZ Electric is a merit (non-union) company and has memberships in the BIA (Building Industry Association) and the HBA (Home Builders Association). We are widely regarded as one of California’s leading Electrical Contractors, known for the training and experience to meet all residential wiring challenges.

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